Rainbow Titanium Aura Smoky Quartz

This gorgeous eye-catching Titanium Smoky Quartz cluster is a must in any avid crystal collectors collection!

Titanium properties: This crystal activates all the energy centers in ones body, it makes a clear path for your life force to manifest through the various bodies, attracting vibrant energy and the want for life.. to experience it fully! Titanium Aura is also useful if you’re in a dysfunctional relationship as it will show projections and help release negative emotions such as resentment or old grief from the past, bringing deep insights into relationships at all levels. Something I think is really intriguing is it’s ability to release karmic* ties that are hindering relationships in the present life. The transformed relationship is vital and harmonious.

Smoky Quartz properties: Smoky Quartz is used for grounding and protecting against negative energy by transforming it into positive energy. It’s the perfect “pick me up” crystal as it elevates your mood, and helps overcome negative emotions.

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