Euphoralite Point

Euphoralite was recently discovered in the Black Hills of South Dakota. An extremely high Lithium form of Lepidolite found between Blue Tourmaline, which is embedded in Quartz and Mica. Many other minerals and metals are also found in these stones, including Silver and Gold. Tests made on euphoralite showed high levels of negative ions when the Blue Tourmaline in Quartz  close to the High Lithium Lepidolite, and even higher when placed in running water. It was even higher when the Blue Tourmaline in Mica was used next to the High Lithium Lepidolite. It is best to hold High Lithium Purple Lepidolite in one hand and the Blue Tourmaline in Quartz (or for even more intense energy, hold the Blue Tourmaline in Mica) in the other hand, feeling the energy flow between the two stones running through the body, activating and balancing their energy field. When used together they strengthen one’s energy field and generate high levels of centering vibration between the stones. 

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