Chakra Stone Set

The set includes Black Onyx (Root), Citrine (Sacral), Clear Quartz (Crown), Sodalite (Throat), Carnelian (Solar Plexus), Amethyst (Third Eye) and Green Aventurine (Heart). In case you didn't know, chakras are spinning energy centers located throughout your body that influence and reflect your physical health as well as your mental, emotional, and spiritual well being. Each chakra is associated with a particular color along with certain functions. In order to achieve optimum health and balance all of your chakras must be open and clear. Open chakras allow energy to flow cleanly and easily, resulting in an increase in energy and awareness along with arousing your natural intuitive abilities. All of these stones are over a inch wide, and really a great size to practice with chakra and crystal healing.

  • Origin: Brazil
  • Each set will vary as they're all naturally created by Mother Gaia

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