The Relic Ethiopian Welo Opal Pendant

Made with the highest quality Sterling Silver and Ethiopian Welo Opal! The pendant hangs from a 24" sterling silver chain.

I wanted to create a design that is unique and never seen before while still incorporating the things I love and am passionate about... Crystals!

The points are supposed to represent double terminated crystal points going through the pendant. Double terminated crystals are known to have their energy flow through both ends, I wanted the design to have it's energy sent out in every direction!

What I've found most interesting is that so many people see different representations when they see the design. Some see an eagle, butterfly, angel, and so much more making The Relic so special!

Opal size: 12x10mm

Note: The Relic collection is made to order, please allow 1-4 weeks upon ordering for delivery.

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