Apache Tear Tumbled

Apache Tear is a wonderful crystal for grounding and protection, and to help clear negative emotions that can be holding you back from living freely. This crystal is very useful for someone who is a healer as it helps with recognizing the approach of menacing situations, where you can be psychically attacked. As Apache Tear is a form of Black Obsidian is it great for cleansing your auric field of negativity. 

Where the name Apache Tear comes from -

"They are a type of Black Obsidian Stone found in the south-western USA and Mexico. The meaning of their name comes from an American Indian legend. It was said that certain members of this tribe were pursued by the Cavalry, and although they fought bravely they were outnumbered. Rather than be captured they jumped off the cliff to their deaths. The distraught women of the tribe cried dark tears of grief, which fell to the earth, and formed into these dark strangely shaped stones. It is believed that their tears formed into reality as these unusual stones, so people will always remember what happened."

  • Chakra: Root, Sacral, & Heart

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