Dealing With Anxiety

It's weird how life works.. Never would I have thought I would be at the place I am today.

Creating art with my soul, interacting with amazing people from around the world, and doing what makes me happy.

For about a whole year I was dealing with crippling anxiety - the year before I started Mystic Relics. It wasn't until I realized that I am strong enough and that I could do anything I set my mind to that things got better.

I receive emails and messages from people who are going through what I was going through seeking help. The best advice I could give is to try and see the light. The light of life, life is a beautiful thing so many of us don't realize how special it really is.

What really helped me are my daily morning meditations. This helped me so much by grounding myself and practicing breathing techniques. Sounds weird, but one of the worst parts of my anxiety was feeling like I couldn't breathe or grasp enough air. Meditation helped me so, so much! I strongly urge anyone dealing with anxiety to try to meditate. At first it will be hard, especially with an anxiety stricken mind, but once you enter that meditative state - you have control over your mind! I remember the first time everything came to a stop in my mind and I thought to myself... "What the heck just happened" lol it was so weird! After my mind always being in gear and being able to calm it down, it was the most amazing feeling!

The best advice I can give is to do some research and find out what works for you! I started off with meditations with crystals, oils, and working out! However, everyone is different and we all respond differently to different treatments. 

For anyone reading this, I would love to hear about how you dealt with anxiety and what worked for you. Comment below with what helped you the most... You never know, maybe your way of dealing with anxiety could really help someone!

Love & Light,



  • I used to have crippling anxiety as well as panic attacks. My anxiety levels are much better now. Exercising, change of diet. I am now vegan. Crystals help me so much as well. I think it is very important to learn ♡SELF LOVE♡ above all. Rose quartz crystals are still my best friend.

    Healings n love!

    Thank you for sharing your story Shant :)

  • What helps me with my anxiety is excercise. I know it may be hard to get up and get out when you are anxious,but you have to force yourself to do it and once you do, the endorphins released during excercise will make a huge difference! It works for me.
    Peace to all! Love you Shant.

    Christine Shahinian

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