How I Pick Crystals Out for the Shop! (Shop Update 10/5 At 6PM Pacific!)

Hey loves!

I've been meaning to use my blog more often, but it's just been so crazy in-between school and running Mystic Relics! However, I'm definitely going to start using it more often!

So, I'm so excited! The past two weeks I've been gathering new beauties for the shop update and I couldn't be happier with what I've come across! New Aura Chalcedony Galaxies, Rainbow Coral, and so much more!

Many people have been asking me how exactly I pick my crystals for the shop and I wanted to address that! I buy most of my crystals from local warehouses, my days at the warehouse usually take between 3-6 hours! It takes that long because I look at every single piece available and chose the pieces that call to me on levels of energy, and quality. 

It's actually sort of funny, sometimes I'll see a crystal that I know one of you guys in particular will love and it just calls to me to be seen by you! I really like taking my time with choosing crystals for the shop and I hope that comes through.

I'll be heading to the warehouse tomorrow to pick up some additions for the shop update, wish me luck ;) !


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